Bankruptcy Costs

How much does it cost to file bankruptcy?

The filing fee for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is $310.00. Attorney fees depend on the difficulty of the case and the attorney you chose. Typically in Central Ohio an attorney will charge $3,500.00 for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. This is because the Court has set this fee as a “no look fee”. In other words an attorney is allowed to receive this amount of money without itemizing their time. An attorney will typically take a portion of that money prior to filing, and include the balance in your ongoing monthly Chapter 13 payment.

For example an attorney could charge their client $1,000.00 in attorney fees prior to filing, and receive the balance of $2,500.00 over the next year from the payments you make to the Chapter 13 trustee. You would be required to pay your attorney $1,281.00 prior to filing.

The filing fee for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is $335.00. Attorney fees for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy vary greatly depending on the difficulty of the case. Factors you should consider when determining what are of the spectrum you fall on include such things as:

  1. Whether or not you are self-employed
  2. Whether or not you have filed all of your tax returns
  3. How many assets you have
  4. How much debt you have
  5. Whether or not you are filing jointly (married couple) or as an individual
  6. What your intentions are in regards to your assets. (Surrender, Reaffirm, Redeem)

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