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It's Time to Start Living

There are methods to filing for Bankruptcy and Laws to follow to do it right. Strayer Legal will guide you in taking the best steps towards restoring your financial freedom.

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If You Have Bad Credit

It is very expensive to live. Banks see you as a risk and will make you pay-up to use their money. Strayer Legal has solutions that will put you in better standing with the banks and ultimately save you money.

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Creditor Harassment

You have enough on your plate. If you are being inundated with Creditors Harassing you, Hans can help. Stop Creditor Harassment & Collection Calls Now!

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Quick, Easy and Affordable

Call Herbert “Hans” Strayer Today so he can get to know your case and get you on track so you can finally put this hardship behind you.

Considering Bankruptcy?

Call Strayer Legal

When considering Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, talk to an experienced Columbus Attorney that regularly handles these cases. Herbert Strayer will speak with you directly so you don’t need to rely on advice from junior staff members that are under the supervision of an attorney. Mr. Strayer is a Columbus-based Bankruptcy Lawyer that has filed hundreds of consumer and business bankruptcies throughout the entire State of Ohio.

Seeking to Understand Your Situation

At Strayer, I do not treat you as just a case number. We get to know you and your unique financial situation with dignity and respect. We provide excellent service that meets and exceeds each individual’s needs and expectations from the moment you call us. We will keep you informed of each step in the process and promptly return all calls to our office. You are encouraged to call us with your questions at any time.

  • Credit Repair
  • Credit Report Review
  • False Item Reporting Removal
  • Review for FDCPA
  • Review for OCSA
  • Review for Possible FCRA
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  • Chapter 7
  • Stop Garnishment
  • Stop Vehicle Reposession
  • Stop Foreclosure
  • Stop Creditor Harassment
  • Start Living
  • Get Started
  • Chapter 13
  • Keep Your Home
  • Keep Your Car
  • Cure Student Loan Default
  • Stop Sherrif Sale
  • Payment You Can Afford
  • Get Started
  • Civil Litigation
  • Legal Representation
  • Counter Sue
  • Stop Wrongful Lawsuits
  • Injury Lawsuits
  • Discharge Violations
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Flexible Appointment Schedule

Attorney Strayer is available to meet your scheduling constraints. Call anytime to arrange a free consultation so he can get to know you and understand your case. Both evening and weekend appointments are available if you are unable to meet in person during business hours.